Outsourcing: CashPax

Ensure your customers are prepared with local currency


Complimenting the convenience of prepaid currency cards is Travelex CashPax, a bill-size packet of foreign currency in small denominations available in Euros, British Pounds, US and Australian Dollars, Yen and Mexican Pesos.

Ideal for immediate expenses, like taking a cab from the airport to a hotel, CashPax is a convenient foreign exchange product for leisure travellers. They’re easy for you to order and manage while your customers get competitive pre-trip foreign exchange rates and a chance to become familiar with destination banknotes and coins.

CashPax Benefits:

  • Earn incremental revenue with minimal investment and expense
  • Value added product targeted at existing and new customers
  • Numbered packaging for easy inventory control

For more information, please email outsourcing@travelex.com