Outsourcing: Foreign Exchange ATMs

Fast track your foreign exchange offering with self service access to multiple currencies via ATMs

Foreign Exchange ATMs

Whether you're a bank or a retailer, you can expand your ATM capability and drive brand loyalty with Foreign Exchange ATM dispensing services from Travelex. Enable your network with our Foreign Exchange ATM technology and we'll provide an array of support services, from transactional processing technologies to 24 hour customer care.

For banks this makes it easy for customers to withdraw foreign cash from key locations in your ATM network. For those retailers in high foreign exchange ATMs offer your customers greater convenience and easy access to their travel money.

Whatever sector you're in, this foreign exchange service brings about a win-win situation. Greater customer satisfaction combined with another valuable income stream.

Foreign Exchange ATM Benefits:

  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Proven expertise makes it an easy addition to your network
  • Adaptable to offer DCC to inbound travellers

For more information, please email outsourcing@travelex.com