Travelex Trade Testimonials


Travelex Trade customers include independent Travel Agents Advantage, Leeds Building Society.

"Sunways Travel in Longfield has been offering the Travelex currency card for just 4 months now and we have been delighted with our customers response. It is an easy way to earn some extra revenue and completes the independent agents service. Jeff, our Travelex Trade contact, is brimming with enthusiasm and there isn’t anything that is too much trouble for him. He spent time with our staff going through the selling points and is always on hand for questions or queries. I also used the card when travelling in Australia and New Zealand and it was great."
Cheryl Essam, Director, Sunways Travel

"I think the product is fantastic and has a lot of potential, the Travelex system is very straight forward to use and the staff are already comfortable using it. We have had general FX enquiries that we have switch sold onto the card, our clients we have sold it to have been very taken by the idea of the Advantage Cash Passport"
Glen Travel

"The Advantage Cash Passport is an easy source of additional revenue complimenting our range of services. We have found it very easy to sell and the marketing material enables us to sell a product that is associated with a global brand like Visa which conveys a professional image to our customer for our agency. Some of our customers gave us feedback on the cards, all were positive and were going to use the cards again. I used the Cash Passport, myself, on my last holiday and it was easy to use. One of the selling points we use relates to when I was on holiday. I had tried to sell one of my friends an Cash Passport but they said they would always use their credit card. Then he had his card stolen with all the hassle that he had to go through, including staying on the phone for over 50 minutes to stop his cards, he now says that he should have taken my advice and got a Cash Passport."
Idle Travel

Cash Passport Consumers Enjoy Convenience with Security

"I was surprised when I compared the Advantage Cash Passport to other prepaid cards such as American Express and The Post Office, that the Cash Passport was by far the best especially as it offered a free replacement card, free emergency assistance, was issued instantly and had fewer charges associated with the card"
Matt T, East Kilbride

"For a long Stag weekend my girlfriend thought a Cash Passport would be sensible. I had no problems using the card during my stay, it was very easy to top up the card online and I was happier carrying the card rather than carrying cash or even my own bank card"
Dave W, Glasgow

"My Cash Passport was great for budgeting as there were no charges when I used the card for purchases. The service I received from Idle Travel was exceptional, they went out of their way to transfer money onto my card at a later date which I requested and then informed me that everything was ok"
Vanessa M, Epsom

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