Outsourcing: Wholesale Banknotes

Delivering bulk currency orders quickly, reliably and securely

Wholesale Banknotes

At Travelex, we have extensive experience trading in over 80 currencies on behalf of some of the world’s leading financial institutions and central banks. We know that our customers depend on us to provide them with the foreign banknotes they need, whenever they need them. So during more than 30 years, we’ve built close relationships with leading airlines and security partners to ensure that our currency is dispatched speedily in the most secure and appropriate way possible. This also means when we buy used and surplus banknotes they can be returned securely to our vaults, ready for verification and payment, just as quickly.

As the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist, we consistently offer our customers competitive rates and attractive settlement terms, with advice available on other products within the group’s portfolio.


  • Capacity to source and deliver all major currencies on an international scale
  • Knowledge and expertise gained from acquiring Thomas Cook Global & Financial Services
  • Significant investment in compliance, technology and long term relationships

For more information, please contact us at +44 1733 503228 or email banknotes@travelex.com. Alternatively reach us on Reuters code TCFM.