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Travelex ATMs

Did you know you can get NZD quickly and easily from one of our foreign exchange ATMs using your international ATM card.

Benefits of using a Travelex foreign exchange ATM
No form-filling
Easy self-serve
No standing in store queues
Great for Transactions under $500 NZD
Get currency straight away within seconds
Payment options
Anytime, any day
24 hours access to foreign currency

How does it work?


  1. Find a Travelex ATM in a convenient location that holds your needed foreign currency.
  2. Arrive at the ATM and insert your bank card.
  3. Select a currency and check the exchange rate on the screen, along with the total amount you’ll receive (you’ll have the option to cancel your transaction at this step should you change your mind).
  4. Receive your currency and enjoy your trip!


What Currencies do Travelex ATMs Dispense?


The currencies at each ATM differ depending on the location.
Currencies include:

Australian dollar - AUD

Euro - EUR

New Zealand dollar - NZD

US dollar -USD

To find out what currencies are held by ATMs in different locations,
please see the table below.

Find a Travelex Foreign Currency ATM?

We have ATMs around New Zealand, including foreign exchange ATMs at major airports.
Below are the locations of the Travelex ATMs and what foreign currencies are available.

North Island

Auckland International Airport *Currencies Available in ATM
ATM 4513, Air side, arrivals, Gate 15AUD, NZD
Air side, arrival loop, Duty FreeAUD, NZD
ATM 4515, Air side, baggage store 1163AUD, NZD
ATM 4520/4532, Air side arrivals, baggage hall 2AUD, NZD
ATM 4521, Pier B, airside arrivals, Gates 15-16AUD, NZD

South Island

Christchurch International Airport *Currencies Available in ATM
ATM 4501, Land side, check in hall, ground floorAUD, NZD, EUR, USD
ATM 4502, Land side arrivalsAUD, NZD, EUR, USD
ATM 4503, International arrivals, Duty FreeAUD, NZD
ATM 4504, Air side, international arrivalsAUD, NZD
Queesntown International Airport *Currencies Available in ATM
ATM 4517, Air side arrivals, Ground FloorAUD, NZD
Queesntown Domestic Airport *Currencies Available in ATM
ATM 4518, Baggage area, Ground FloorAUD, NZD
Queenstown - OthersCurrencies Available in ATM
ATM 4516, Queenstown visitors centreNZD
Help & FAQ

Our ATMs take all ATM cards including: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, Union Pay and JCB.


No, you can only use your card to withdraw foreign cash. If you’d like to exchange local cash for foreign cash currency, please visit one of our stores.

Fees do apply for airport ATMs*.
*Travelex do charge fees for the withdrawls of Australian dollars.

Unfortunately we don’t have this functionality yet, but we will soon!
To get notified when this is available, sign up for email updates.

Refer to the table above to see the location of ATMs around New Zealand.

Currencies are displayed on the ATM and digital display screens.
You can also refer to the location table above to see what currencies are held within different ATMs in New Zealand.

The maximum per transaction is NZD$800, or equivalent of foreign currency.
The maximum amount you can withdraw is also linked to your daily bank withdraw limit.

oFor any issues relating to the ATM or your transaction please call our help number: 0800 666 391 or email us on

You will be shown the total amount you will receive in your chosen currency before your transaction is approved so you can still cancel the transaction before withdrawing the currency.