Exchange Rates Explained

As the world’s foreign-exchange specialist, we want to help you by making things as simple as possible so we have developed this guide to exchange rates.

The Travelex Online Rate

The Travelex online rate offers customers $0 commission and a competitive market exchange rate for the online purchase of foreign currency banknotes and the Travelex Multi-currency Cash PassportTM card.

These online rates are our exclusive online rate and are not available in-store.

Why is the online rate different to the rate I see on the news?

The rate you see on the news is the rate that banks or large financial institutions charge each other when trading large amounts of foreign currency. It is not the retail rate and you will not be able to buy currency at this rate, as you are buying relatively small amounts of foreign currency in comparison.

In everyday life, it is similar to the difference between wholesale prices (what a store purchases items for) and retail prices (what is charged to a customer to purchase an item in-store).

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