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New Zealand Dollar (NZD) to US Dollar (USD) Exchange Rates

Here’s how the US dollar compares with our humble New Zealand buck, including the rate history right up to today.

The latest on NZD to USD exchange rates

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Check out the latest exchange rates and compare historic rates year on year.

To learn more about the history of the American dollar and its relationship with the NZ dollar, keep reading below.


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The lowdown on the US dollar

Economical Influences and the US Dollar

Along with the euro, the US dollar is one of the biggest currencies on the planet. It’s been around since the late eighteenth century – and the word dollar goes all the way back to fifteenth-century Europe. When English colonists needed a new currency for North America, they stole the name from the big Spanish coins already being used in the new world.

Today the famous green dollar bills, also known as greenbacks, are made from a mix of cotton and linen. Just under half of all US dollar bills are for just $1, and they last an average of 22 months before they’re considered too crumpled to be used anymore.

American presidents from Abraham Lincoln to JFK have graced US dollar notes, but only one female face – the original First Lady Martha Washington – has gazed up at shoppers as they hand over their cash. Just as controversially, no African Americans have had their portrait on a dollar bill so far – could President Obama be the first?

US Dollar Historical Market Exchange Rate

Compared to certain other currencies, the NZD to USD exchange rate has been particularly stable during the past three to four years; improving from a relatively poor performance between 2011 and 2014.1

Beginning of January 2014, 1 NZD was buying around 0.81 USD; one year later on 18th January 2015, the US dollar began to strengthen with 1New Zealand dollar buying approximately 0.77 USD.1

By 24th September 2015, the exchange rate had improved even further for the USD, with 1 NZD only getting you around 0.62 US cents. A year later on 7th September 2016 the NZD had made gains against the USD, with 1 NZ dollar buying approximately 0.74 US cents.1

In 2018 to date, the NZD to USD exchange rate has fluctuated between a high of 1 NZD to 0.73 USD on the 2nd February and a low of 1 NZD to 0.64 USD on 6th October.1

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*Data correct as of 6 November 2018.

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